Hi and welcome back to Elli’s blog on the Superior Singing Method Review.

Today I want to reveal the top 5 mistakes singers make, according to Aaron Anastasi. In his voice training program he has a video for each of the mistakes, which I have summarized below.

So, in David Letteman Style, Top 5 Singing Mistakes:

5) Problem: I force my voice or push my voice too much.

This is a very common singing mistake called weight/vocal strain especially in higher notes.




Strengthen your mix voice by using your pharyngeal resonator. Also start by singing in your head voice with a very relaxed tone, and slowly add power.

Check out the video below on how to avoid tiring or losing your voice:

4) Problem: My voice cracks or I flip into falsetto because my vocal chords split apart.




Get better control of grip and chord closure by doing vocal exercises using the “G” and “B” sounds.


3) Problem: Flat when I sing high notes

Raised larynx shot tone throat is closing and squeezing (go flat on high notes) no air and squeezings




Use the “ugh or duh” sound in your exercises, also stretch your larynx like in yawning when singing higher.


2) Problem: Too much vocal compression, singing lower notes




Relax and practice vocal fry. This will reduce strain especially for baritone and bass voices.

This is a really FUNNY YouTube about vocal fry:


1) Problem: Kermit the Frog Voice




This comes from raising the soft palate too much.  Do you sometimes reach for higher notes by tilting your head down?


Here is a bonus a link to famous opera singer bloopers.

And my all time favorite, A Musical Massacre:  How to sing well is not in her repertoire!

Even if you don’t know the original version of the Magic Flute’s Aria of the Queen of the Night by Mozart, you too will wonder if there is a cat stuck up in a tree, or a person who has unabashedly never learned to sing well.

Hats off to Ms. Florence Nightingale and the people who PAID to hear her sing so terribly! And the half million people who have watched this musical massacre on YouTube:

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