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3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello Elli,

    I wanted to ask you about the superior singing method. Did it really benefit you in your singing. In other words, does it work?

    • Hello!
      Thank you for asking!
      The best answer to “does it work” is actually a question to you. How committed are you to improving your voice? Will you practice daily?
      That said, this program is probably BEST if you 1) have had no voice training at all or 2) singers that have gotten a little rusty and want to rekindle their singing ability. Do you want to build strength, pitch, resonance and range with your voice and do it safely? Then SSM is totally WORTH it!
      nJOY Elli

  2. What order do you do this stuff in? I know you warm up first but,when do you do mum exercise and the hooty slide and so on.