Elli - learning vocal techniquesThank you for checking into more info about me, Elli.

Music has always been in my life. I sang in church and school choirs as a kid, did musicals and sang in contemporary worship groups all through college.

In the last few years, singing slipped from my priority list behind the kids, house, and work.

When my daughter recently started getting into singing pop songs and recording them on youtube it made me want to sing again too.

So my husband surprised me by buying the Superior Singing Method Program for me. He knew I needed a program that I could do on my own time, and something that could really build up my voice again.

With all the information and products on the web, I realized how important other people’s reviews are to me.

So in this blog, I am happy to share with you my own personal experiences with the Superior Singing Method program, as well as some singing tips to bring your singing and your voice to the next level.