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Online products can be a hit or miss experience! That is why I love reading and writing reviews myself, and I hope that you find this Superior Singing Method Review helpful.

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What Is the Superior Singing Method program?

Well, its an online vocal training program which will teach you how to become a better singer.  Through a series of 50 lessons divided into weekly modules like: Warm Ups, Breath Management, Vocal Tone, Pitch, Power and Resonance, Higher Notes, Vocal Agility, and Advanced Strengthening Techniques, you will improve your singing no matter what level or background of singing you have.

An easy Little Free Tip from the Program:

how to improve your singingThere is nothing more awful than a singer who sings off tune and/or looks like he is constipated or being crucified! Yes, we’ve all seen and heard them! One of my favorite tips that Aaron gives around staying on pitch is as easy as just having a pleasant look on your face.

In his Superior Singing Method program Aaron explains that this simple change in your expression raises your zygomatic muscles in your face which opens up your throat. He goes on to explain that beyond changing your vocal tone, as a performer your first “look” is what can either connect you with your audience or immediately turn them off.

Try singing a song with a scowl on your face and then with a light smile. What do you notice about your pitch and about your overall energy? Feels a lot different, right? That is the great thing about Aaron’s singing program, it’s loaded with tons of quick, easy, useful, and effective singing tips!

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Ok now that you know the basics, I will give you my top reasons for picking Superior Singing Method as my online voice training program as well as things to beware of.

First, the “Bad and Ugly” parts of the Superior Singing Method Review:

Nothing is perfect, right?! And thats fine, because we all have different expectations and perspectives on things. That said, after spending a few months with the voice training lessons in the Superior Singing Method:

1) I wish that Aaron would sometimes use some other props or media in his explanations:

Nothing high tech, but since I am a visual learner, having a visual about the vocal chords and how they vibrate, open and close would be helpful. The studio and videography are all pretty ‘basic’ !

2) You have to be self motivated and diligent with your daily vocal exercises:

As Aaron says, your voice is like a muscle that has to be worked out daily. You actually have to practice your singing! That sounds simple, but after week 2, you really have to commit about 20 minutes daily to improve your voice.

3) Aside from the vocal exercises, Aaron doesn’t provide any “songs” to sing along, for improving your technique that are custom catered to you:

Although he probably would give you some pointers via email if you join the Vocal Coaching Club, you have to know how you are going to apply these voice training lessons to the type of music that you sing. The cool thing is that it’s a great foundation that you can apply to classical, jazz, pop or whatever else you want to sing.

4) It’s not the same as having an in-person teacher hover over your every breath and word:

If you are the type that needs lots of hovering, and hand-holding, this is probably not the program for you.

Yup, that was the “bad and ugly” parts of the Superior Singing Method exposed.

Now, onto My top 5 Favorite Things about Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method:

Superior Singing Method Review1) The vocal exercises create a really solid foundation:

They are rooted in classical singing techniques, and enhanced by Aaron’s personal experience and insight as a singer & vocal coach. They are useful for improving any style – pop, classical, R&B, country, or church choir.

2) There is a good balance between explanation and actual practice:

Some online voice lessons go on and on about the singing technique and don’t really focus on getting you singing as soon as possible. Aaron’s vocal technique gets you started on day #1 after short 2-5 minute explanations.

3) The Superior Singing Method program is 100% “virtual” and online:

I love that all I need are my MP3 files. No paper, DVDs, CDs… I can practice my singing from anywhere. My garden, the beach, a park bench at lunch, or the bathroom! The strangest place I’ve done my exercises was when I walked into a community center between lunch meetings, and asked to use one of their open rooms for 20 minutes.

4) This program allowed me to improve my singing quickly:

Already after a few days of daily practice my tone, range and dynamic shifted, this was really exciting and encouraging to me. Results may vary depending on your current level of singing, but after the gentle ease in during week 1, the vocal exercises get more and more challenging.

5) Aaron was really prompt and had great feedback about how I can improve my singing:

I selected the option to join Aaron’s Vocal Coaching Club. I submitted a YouTube video to him for personal review. He kindly and honestly pinpointed some ways how my posture and breathing could really improve my singing and allow me to get the most out of his voice training program.

So, overall what do I think?

how to sing wellAlrighty, you are welcome to scroll and read on in my earlier posts about this program, but if you are looking for my opinion in a nutshell, I feel that you can significantly improve your voice with the Superior Singing Method program.

Its not going to just happen magically, but with a little bit of concentrated effort, you will enjoy your vocal training.  Don’t multitask, like check your email or FB while doing these singing exercises. Really give your voice your undivided attention for 10-15 minutes everyday!

I hope you enjoyed my candid Superior Singing Method review!

Happy Singing
~ Elli

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Hello Singers!

I was really shocked when I was singing to my kids one day and my voice gave out mid-tone! The same thing happened to that tone again and again! As if someone had put a “do not use this note” sign on it and hung it on my vocal chords!

Confused by my sudden inability to sing and sustain certain notes, my mind raced and reasoned maybe “throat cancer”?

Nope, as it turns out, it is just an unused, rickety sign of my vocal chord being not exercised properly. It was then that I knew that it was time for some voice training and vocal exercises.

So today I’d like to show you an exercise directly from Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method program than has remedied my vocal chord crack issue!



Hi and welcome back to Elli’s blog on the Superior Singing Method Review.

Today I want to reveal the top 5 mistakes singers make, according to Aaron Anastasi. In his voice training program he has a video for each of the mistakes, which I have summarized below.

So, in David Letteman Style, Top 5 Singing Mistakes:

5) Problem: I force my voice or push my voice too much.

This is a very common singing mistake called weight/vocal strain especially in higher notes.




Strengthen your mix voice by using your pharyngeal resonator. Also start by singing in your head voice with a very relaxed tone, and slowly add power.

Check out the video below on how to avoid tiring or losing your voice:

4) Problem: My voice cracks or I flip into falsetto because my vocal chords split apart.




Get better control of grip and chord closure by doing vocal exercises using the “G” and “B” sounds.


3) Problem: Flat when I sing high notes

Raised larynx shot tone throat is closing and squeezing (go flat on high notes) no air and squeezings




Use the “ugh or duh” sound in your exercises, also stretch your larynx like in yawning when singing higher.


2) Problem: Too much vocal compression, singing lower notes




Relax and practice vocal fry. This will reduce strain especially for baritone and bass voices.

This is a really FUNNY YouTube about vocal fry:


1) Problem: Kermit the Frog Voice




This comes from raising the soft palate too much.  Do you sometimes reach for higher notes by tilting your head down?


Here is a bonus a link to famous opera singer bloopers.

And my all time favorite, A Musical Massacre:  How to sing well is not in her repertoire!

Even if you don’t know the original version of the Magic Flute’s Aria of the Queen of the Night by Mozart, you too will wonder if there is a cat stuck up in a tree, or a person who has unabashedly never learned to sing well.

Hats off to Ms. Florence Nightingale and the people who PAID to hear her sing so terribly! And the half million people who have watched this musical massacre on YouTube:

Can you Learn How to Sing Online with the Superior Singing Method?

Alright, lets be honest, everything is shifting to the virtual world, but some things transfer better than others. Remember the time when people complained that emailing was impersonal in comparison to snail mail? That was so 20th century. Email is a way of life now, ask any kid!

So my #1 Question when reviewing this product was:

is it even possible for anyone to learn how to sing online? I have to admit I was especially skeptical after spending a good 20 years of my youth and adulthood in choirs and singing groups.

That is when I realized that my first and biggest hurdle was to open myself up to the idea that yes, people can learn to sing, or in my case learn how to improve my singing online.

learn how to sing onlineAsk yourself are you still sending snail mail? Or using the latest technology to move your life forward. Now imagine that you can apply the same way of thinking with regards to your voice training!

So once you get over your 20th century mind jam, about needing a vocal coach holding your hand through a lesson, you are ready to find yourself a voice training lessons online.

This next step is easy, and that’s why you are reading this Superior Singing Method Review, to figure out which vocal coach you are going to use for how to improve your singing.

nJoy reading my other Posts about Superior Singing Method to get the full scoop!

~ Elli